Together Tech

We pair a 9 month Coding Bootcamp with Biblical mentorship, to kindle change in young men, their families, and their communities in Cape Town, South Africa.

We run a grassroots mentorship program taking on 2-4 young men over a 6 month apprenticeship. The outcome is sustainable employment. Learn more.

We are not a huge corporation, we are normal people investing our skills. We believe Jesus can use geeks to kindle change in young men. Meet our team.

From expertise to equipment to money. Whether you are a company or an individual, here’s how you can invest in a few young men at a time. Learn more.

“The tendency for leaders as we get older is to go broader and more shallow in our discipleship. This is not how Jesus did it.” -Francis Chan

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Anton Cuyler

One of the many challenges faced with when working within a Township environment, is the lack of decent IT facilities and services and more importantly good honest guidance and advice from those who understand the IT language. For the Sozo Foundation this challenge was overcome the day we came in contact with Together Technologies. De Wet's honest and simple approach to problem solving was a breath of fresh air. We are a community based NGO with 10 staff and having a stable IT system is crucial for our development and sustainability within the community. De wet proposed a new system with new hardware and wiring and recommended one of TT's graduates, Simnikewe, to provide the service of wiring installation. What struck me was the beautiful character that both Sim and his staff member had and the professional way with which they approached the job. The work was completed at a very high standard and best of all, within timeframe and budget! They showed much flexibility and creativeness when faced with some difficult areas during the installation but managed to proved good effective solutions every time. It was a pleasure to work with them and as we now embark on a new education building project, we hope to make more use of their services in the near future. Thank you Together Technologies for investing in these young men and our local communities!

Anton Cuyler - CEO,
Vaughan Stannard

Together Technologies has helped us tremendously through empowering young people from the community we work in. It's been exciting to see young men learn skills in such a technical environment which they have then applied in keeping our organization working!

Vaughan Stannard - Executive Director, Beautiful Gate South Africa
Rob Forman

Most investors will tell you to bet on the team then the idea, and a no-brainer if both. Together Tech, founded by the Blomerus', is that whole package. They combine big vision with hands-on leadership while modeling hard work and selfless love. Together Tech is poised to make a huge impact at the emerging intersection of technology innovation and social entrepreneurship. I'm amazed at what they've accomplished in such a short time, and I can't wait to see how many more families and communities will be touched through their legacy of Together Tech men.

Rob Forman - COO & Co-founder of Salesloft